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A “butt”was a Medieval unit of measure for wine. Technically, a buttload of wine is about 475 liters, or 126 gallons.



Walker’s Blood (The Walking Dead cocktail)

1 oz Bourbon
1 oz Blackberry Brandy
Coca-Cola (to fill)
1 splash Grenadine

Directions: Mix the ingredients in a highball glass. See the video below for more details.

The Walking Dead is back on television. As a native Atlantan, I had to make a drink inspired by the horrible walkers and the city that the TV series takes place in. The mix of southern ingredients and easiness of the recipe make the perfect recipe to drink at camp after a long day of gathering supplies and slaying zombies. 



I thought I should share some things I’ve collected

Edit: woah you guys really liked this so I made a part 2: x

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A set of Salient Arms International’s impressive custom 1911’s. They also do work on the Glock and S&W M&P as well. Their 1911’s come in different calibers; from the standard .45 ACP to 9x19mm, .40 S&W and .38 Super. The 3 in the photo are the 9x19mm models with a capacity of 21+1. No idea what the price is; Salient Arms International is famous for their custom guns but they’re just as famous for not having a solid website that lists products, prices and services. They do have a Facebook page where most of their announcements and photos appear until their actual website goes online. (GRH)



Jormungandr circling Yggdrasil, Ink on normal paper



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D&D Stats Explained with Tomatoes


mindchildofmadness submits:

Strength is being able to crush a tomato.

Dexterity is being able to dodge a tomato.

Constitution is being able to eat a bad tomato.

Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

Wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad.

Charisma is being able to sell a tomato based fruit salad.


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